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    Does anyone know anything about this company? Painless Processing?

    Just wondering if anyone knows about this company that claims to offer high risk merchant accounts

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    I have been in touch with them for some time, what I found out was they are operating from Malta (according to what they told me) offering turn-key incorporation and merchant packages.

    Before they pulled up on our forum I never hear about them but from a search on google I found the following:

    It's absolutely 100% percent true. We are already processing for some of the largest suppliers in the industry. Should you need this service and don't believe it is possible, I will be more than happy to provide reference to the CFO of one of the largest manufacturers of e-cigarettes so that he can confirm the validity of this post. Otherwise, the website, is very informative and has many painless ways for you to inquire about your merchant needs. Additionally, they have services such as Check 21 and factor/P.O. financing for large volume accounts.
    Domain Info:
    They are pretty new.

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    That whois is scary

    I would never trust ANY company - let alone a payment service provider - with such whois.

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    Their Alexa rank indicate that they have few traffic only and so far it not look like trusted site at all.

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    I hear this before and also visited their website. But not looks genuine company and also didn't get any positive feedback for this company.

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    I am not familiar with them at all, sorry. I would suggest you get an agent that is well experienced in the high risk field. And never work with someone that wants you to pay them upfront for a processing account!

    I hope that helps
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