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    Hosting Packages

    I'm in the final stages of launching my web hosting company.. And need some insight on the packages I setup to see if they are good or not.
    Basic Package - 15 gigs of storage, 200 gigs of bandwidth, 1 domain, unlimited emails - for $5.95 monthly
    Starter package 30 gigs of storage, 500 gigs of bandwidth, unlimited domain, unlimited emails - for $10.95 monthly
    Pro Package - 60 gigs of storage, 1 TB of bandwidth, unlimited domain, unlimited emails, dedicated ip - for $16.95 monthly..

    Can you'll please give some feedback on those packages. Should I alter, change or thats a good start??

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    Seem reasonable to me. Although I will make one comment. Giving a dedicated ip to someone for no reason is against policy. I see that your largest package says dedicated ip. I would only do that if the person needs it for SSL or another approved reason.
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    Depending on whether or not your reselling, leasing or co-locating, you might be a little to generous with the diskspace/bandwidth. Either way, I'd probably cut those quotas in half. Just my opinion..
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    This seem pretty reasonable, I don't think your charging an amount customers won't be willing to pay. You can always alter the packages and prices if necessary at a later date. Now it's all about promotion and finding those customers.

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    Pricing seems to be worked fine. Seems optimized for providing discounts time-to-time.

    All the best!
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    Those plans and their pricings look just fine to me.
    You might also want to offer add-on such as: dedicated IP, SSL, etc., so that if any of your clients want to use secured-site with SSL, they can also purchase the dedicated IP (and SSL certificate) from you
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