has been providing hosting, dedicated servers and VPS since 2006 and owns all it's equipment.

Available ISO Images
CentOS 5.6 i386 & x86_64
Debian 5 i386 & amd64
Debian 6 i386 & amd64
FreeBSD 8.2 i386 & amd64
gentoo 20110421 amd64
Vyatta 6.2 i386
Elastix 1.6.0
Elastix 2.0.3

Others added upon request

10GB Disk
500GB Bandwidth
256MB Memory
1 IPv4 Address
1 CPU Core

$6 Order Here

15GB Disk
500GB Bandwidth
512MB Memory
1 IPv4 Address
1 CPU Core

$9 Order Here

20GB Disk
500GB Bandwidth
768MB Memory
1 IPv4 Address
1 CPU Core

$12 Order Here

25GB Disk
1024GB Bandwidth
1024MB Memory
1 IPv4 Address
2 CPU Core

$15 Order Here


Addon cPanel for $11/mo Xen/KVM $10/mo OpenVZ
Addon DirectAdmin $5/mo
Additional IPv4 Adress $1/mo (With Justification)
IPv6 Miami HE Tunnel no charge

OpenVZ nodes support FUSE, nfs, loop, pptp in addition to standards like TUN/TAP and iptables

About our VPS
All VM's are backed up weekly with copies stored on and off-site. We offer cPanel as a semi-managed service, meaning we will
take care of your server, you take care of your code. All nodes, OpenVZ or Xen, are at minimum dual quad core CPU with raid10 arrays.
KVM nodes are X6 1090T ECC RAM with raid10 arrays.
Location is Rock Hill SC

OpenVZ/Xen Available, see all of our VPS offerings.
Something you want not offered, drop an email to [email protected] so we can quote your needs.

Acceptable payment options are PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal, AlertPay, Check/Money Order (US Funds drawn on US Bank