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  • AlphaSSL powered by GlobalSign

    • From the team that formerly managed low end SSL Provider before it was acquired by VeriSign comes AlphaSSL - a specialist entry level SSL Provider, focused on delivering and supporting cheap SSL Certificates. AlphaSSL is a result of combining years of experience in the SSL industry with a clear vision on how to best fulfill the growing demand for SSL worldwide with the lowest possible pricing - and all for highly trusted, highly supported 256 bit SSL Certificates.

  • GlobalSign

    • Trust the best. Activate the yellow padlock, HTTPS, and Green Address Bar for the highest levels of strong security and trust in your Web site, corporate assets, and online brand.

      .:GG: Web Hosting is partnered with GlobalSign, a credible and well established Certification Authority (CA), to provide you with the strongest, most cost effective SSL available. GlobalSign is a leader in public trust services and has been issuing trusted digital certificates since 1996 - delivering its Public Trust from a number of highly ubiquitous public root certificates. These trusted roots are recognized by all major Web browsers, Web servers, e-mail clients, and Internet applications; as well as devices such as Smartphones, Palm and all major PDAs, and mobile phones. This means that your customers will transparently trust the padlock / green address bar activated when securely connecting to your Web site.

  • HackAlert

    • HackAlert is a cloud-based service that provides real-time identification and alarms for drive-by downloads and zero-day malware threats hidden in websites and online advertisements. HackAlert identifies malicious websites before search engines such as Google blacklist them and thus protects business reputation and revenues.

      • Protects clients and customers from malware injected websites, drive by downloads and malicious advertising (malvertising).
      • Identifies malware before the website is flagged as malicious.
      • Displays injected code snippets to facilitate remediation.

Common Features:

  • Server Licenses: Unlimited
  • SSL Encryption: 256-bit
  • 2048-bit Future Proof: Yes
  • Secure Site Seal: Clickable
  • HackAlert:

  • Reissue & Replacement: Unlimited
  • 99% Compatibility: Yes
  • Browser Security Lock: Yes
  • Mobile Device Compatibility: Yes

Limited Promotions:
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  • v2011_SSL-15

    • 15% of all AlphaSSL / GlobalSign certificates.

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