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    Is this Spec Sufficient?

    I currently host a number of Wordpress blogs with a combined total of around 20,000 page views per day. Also an IPB forum with around 2000 pages per day and a few other static sites with very small numbers of pages being served.

    I also have an OpenX installation serving around 300,000 (banner image) ads per day. This is on a separate VPS.

    The VPS I currently have the wordpress installations on runs Litespeed to manage the loads, they go all over the place with Apache.

    I have been offered the following:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz (4 CPU)
    4GB RAM
    2x 250GB SATAII Hard Drives (Primary/Backup) (enough space, I'm wondering more about if I need to be concerned about access speeds)

    Is this a reasonable spec to allow some growth? Without Litespeed?


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    What are your current specs? What does the CPU and RAM usage look like on it? I agree your offer should probably come with more ram but if you need it is another question. I would find out more of what you need and then check around as multiple quotes could get you a better solution.

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    Current specs are 2xVPS. Wordpress VPS has 2gb (never uses more than 1) and OpenX VPS has 768mb (never uses more than 512). Unsure of CPU usage just now - will come back later.

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    Yeah, you should be fine and have some room for growth, but i could see you needing to upgrade to 8GB of RAM and caching some more of your data in memory. You can do that later though.

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    The quad core is great when it comes to the server load etc. They will be able to handle it well. I would also suggest to upgrade the ram memory to 8 GB just to be on the safer side. Server management is just as important as well so if the current provider cannot fullfill that or you are not able to manage it yourself I would suggest you hire someone who can in order to keep your server optimized and running smoothly to ensure minimal downtime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGotzmann View Post
    Yeah, you should be fine and have some room for growth, but i could see you needing to upgrade to 8GB of RAM and caching some more of your data in memory. You can do that later though.
    A lot of desktop boards from that era only supported 4GB of ram. The OP will want to make 100% sure that this server can indeed be upgraded to 8GB prior to ordering to prevent future pain.
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    Thats for the advice about making sure it is upgradable.

    Thanks to the people who have replied. I'm quite surprised that some think 4GB is on the low side - but then I'm not entirely sure how VPS RAM and dedicated RAM can be compared? Obviously the system will need some (as the main node would on a VPS machine) but after that I'm not sure?

    Also to answer a question above it is fully managed

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    It kind of depends on what you are doing, but I would say that your machine is on the low end of acceptable.

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    I recommend to upgrade to 8Gb Ram. Everything else looks good.

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    I agree with abdullahrafiq, Core2quad with 8Gb, ram, some tune-up and lighttpd should be plenty enough.

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