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    * MyBB on CentOS 5.x Server running Webmin

    I CentOS 5.x Server running Webmin + my website and I need to install MyBB Forums on it.
    I went to MyBB site but it doesn't show me instaruction instructions for CentOS servers running Webmin and I want to be extra careful.

    Who can help me with the instructions?

    Thanks in advance

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    you just upload the package to your website directory to start the installation. there's no much instructions required.

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    You will need apache and mysql server installed on your server... Create a website for your domain from webmin.. I believe it will also allow you to create mysql database. Once the mysql users are assigned to your respective database, I believe the server part should be done..

    You will then have to upload the mybb files and run their online installer... You will have to put the respective mysql database details and it should guide you further to live mybb installed forum... Perhaps this helps

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    You can try kloxo its way easier if you are new .

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    Quote Originally Posted by FayaMan View Post
    You can try kloxo its way easier if you are new .
    Kloxo is probably the quickest and easiest way to go.

    OP, you'll have to install what is known as a "LAMP" stack in order to run your typical web app. Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP are the basic reuqirements.

    After you have have confirmed that those are running, you'll have to download myBB to your server and install it.

    If you have no idea about what I just wrote, ask your hosting company to help you.

    If you're lucky and they are nice enough, they'll set it all up for you and just give you the admin username/pass to get into myBB. They may charge you a nominal fee to get this done.
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    I was able to do it. It's simpler than I had in mind. The only problem I had was that I was confused with the directory and the CHMOD part, but once I figured the path is different if you are using Virtualmin it was easy.
    Now I feel like creating a forum for every domain I own.

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