Hi Everyone,

Can anyone explain to me how this works exactly?


"All sites kick off on the ‘company.com’ domain on a subdomain of their own. In other words your new site starts off on a domain like ‘yournewsite.company.com’. This URL is the address at which this site is immediately accessible to everyone on the Internet, and you can share the address with anyone at this stage."

"At some stage you might want to access your site at your own domain (instead of a subdomain on the company.com domain), and we call this process upgrading. It is relatively simple from a technical point: we map either a new domain or an existing domain to the [Company] server, and we make a small change or two to your site to ‘catch’ this domain, and your site (and all the content you added) now lives at yourowndomain.com. The older subdomain address is still valid as you might’ve emailed or bookmarked that by now."

"An upgrade is similar to a change of address: same site, same pages and posts and photos, accessible at a different address. Your username and password stays the same and you still login to [Company] to manage and build your site. "

"We do recommend that you scan your site thoroughly after you have upgraded: checking in particular links and images as references could have changed during the upgrade. In most cases there won’t be too much to do; everything just work."

The say you can point the NS records to [company] or simply change the a records


How does it work with DNS? what points to what? etc if it was in a cloud type setup.

I know how to create sub-domains via the cPanel - but with regards to a user upgrading a free account to paid account with a domain, Do the files stay in the sub-domain folder, DB remains untouched and the domain is directed to the sub domain folder - or will a new account have to be created on the cPanel and the files moved out of the sub-domain to that account along with the DB.

Sorry i'm really trying to wrap my head around how this works!

If you have a free account what happens when upgrading and linking it to your domain.

Many thanks in advance!