New Product Offering:

Smart Server/Dual Core Processor - $125.00 Each
100-250GB HD
10 MBit Bandwidth
/28 (16 IP)


Additional Info:
Additional RAM/Hard Drive Upgrades Available
Your Choice of OS!! OS Templates Available
Additional Server Configurations Available for Added Cost.
RockstarVPS Control Panel Available

Limited number available, but these are good low cost SEO/GEO boxes. If there is a big enough demand, we will add additional racks.

We have a ton of new IP space, and expanding our SEO business. With our SEO Servers, they are virtualized or what we call "smart servers". You will have access to all resources, we just use "smart server" virtualization to help provide better support.

Included with VPS or 'Smart Servers'
* OS Templates Available - Screen Shots
* Control Panel - Screen Shots

If you have any questions about IP needs, please make sure you submit a support ticket through our websites and ask prior to set up. All new orders are run through a MaxMind FRAUD check prior to acceptance of order. Deployment times will vary based on IP needs (i.e. bigger blocks will take longer). VLANS are also available for added cost.