Want to sell VPS hosting but don't want the hassle of setting up, and managing a server?

Whether you are selling 1 VPS, or 100, Hudson Valley Host has a program right for you. The way our reseller plan works if you purchase a certain amount of resources (bandwidth, disk space, IPs, ect) and add your own clients via your SolusVM reseller cpanel. The VPS is setup instantly!

VPS Reseller Features:
1. You get a Reseller VPS Account to completely manage your clients VPS, from suspending, to booting, to changing the root password. This includes adding and deleting clients/VPS accounts.
2. Set your own prices. You decide what price you want to sell them at.
3. Your client gets his own account as well to manage his VPS
4. Fully unbranded. There is no Hudson Valley Host links anywhere, and the website address to login is also unbranded
5. Over 10 possible OS for your clients to use

VPS Reseller Rates For Resources
We give you all these great features and also very nice discounts for being a reseller!

VPS Accounts (3 Accounts): $3.00/month
Bandwidth (100GB): $5.00/month
Hard Drive Space (10GB): $3.70/month
RAM (1GB): $3.75/month
IPs (3ips): $4.50
Signup to be a VPS Reseller

You can view more here: [URL="http://hudsonvalleyhost.com/vps-reseller.html"]http://hudsonvalleyhost.com/vps-reseller.html