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    looking for a fast, reliable hosting for magento ecommerce

    Right now our Magento website hosten on a VPS, I'm really disappointed by their service and I'm sure I even need VPS...

    We're using only Magento and live-chat system (right now its livezilla), I'm pretty sure every hosting can run these services.

    The most important thing for me is good tech support/managing service, for example if I have problem with mysql, slow queries and such, I need the hosting company to obtain the problem, nobody in our company really familiar with this kind of stuff.


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    How much products or SKUs do you have for your store?

    Magento will not need a VPS environment to run properly and a VPS may actually run slower than a properly optimized shared hosting or semi-dedicated hosting for Magento.
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    As JLHC says, using a VPS for that kind of thing isn't really the best solution, as a VPS would need optimizing from scratch to work efficiently, especially for MySQL.

    Anything should run LiveZilla, I use it myself with the fastest poll settings and had no load issues etc.

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    Lots of great hosting companies out there that specialize in Magento hosting. Check around the forums and also check the Magento site for recommendations.
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    Thanks for the replies,
    We have around 50 products and around 1gb outbound and 100mb inbound a day.

    Can you suggest me hosting company that you had a good experience with them and Magento? finding feedbacks in google its a little tricky because a lot of companies just write good reviews about them selfs...

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    I will suggest you to head over to the Magento forum to research a proper provider for your needs.

    Make sure to avoid all those "top 10" list as they are normally full of fake reviews and affiliate links.
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    how about presta shop?
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    Thanks but our website is already built and design on Magento, I don't have good reason to switch systems right now.

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    It can be reasonable to do a search on all possible magento commerce hosting providers and then ask about Certain web host you liked.. There are many experienced webmasters here who can share their view points on many hosts.

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    There are many options available for magento hosting services..
    I'd recommend you to check offers section here.

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