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    3,515 CDN 50% discount on our standard package only for Webhostingtalk

    Swiftway, a leading International business provider ( that is known for its excellent support and services, announces a special Webhostingtalk discount offer for our Swiftway CDN
    Featuring 8 edge locations worldwide, Swiftway CDN plans to grow with an average of 2 additional edge locations per month. Swiftway CDN has a userfriendly control panel and supports optionally PUSH and Streaming media.
    Click here to learn more about Swiftway CDN
    Swiftway CDN standard package gives you a PULL zone with 2000 gigabyte of monthly traffic included for only Euro 40,00 / month
    But for WHT we offer a 50% recurring discount on this package!

    Swiftway CDN
    2000 gigabyte monthly traffic
    Normally Euro 40,00 / month
    Now Euro 20,00 / month using coupon code: WHTCDNGB
    Click here to configure and order your Swiftway CDN package

    Fixed pricing in $ US Dollars available contact [email protected] for a quote.


    Swiftway, a leading quality business provider of dedicated servers, has seven years of Internet experience and thousands of dedicated servers online today for clients in over 60 countries. Swiftway has the experience and expertise to help your organization meet the ever increasing demand for high-end hosting solutions.
    Swiftway is a specialist in custom servers with high bandwidth.
    Click here for more information about Swiftway


    * Pay by Paypal, Moneybookers or Bank wire transfer
    * Prices are excluding VAT.
    Individuals and companies outside the EU do not have to pay VAT.
    European companies with a EU VAT ID do not have to pay VAT.

    Contact swiftway:

    Mail: [email protected]
    Phone Sales Department: 0048 8574 1111 0 from 8:00 - 16:00 CET
    Customers always get a 24/7 reachable emergency phone number to call Swiftway.
    Last edited by swiftnoc; 05-12-2011 at 09:21 AM. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
    Unbeatable dedicated bandwidth deals for Dedicated servers ! Support response time <15 minutes 24/7

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