Servarica is pleased to announce the release of new version of Citrix XenServer WHMCS module

This Module will let you and your clients manage their VMs and gives you the ability to bill the clients on extra bandwidth they use

The Main advantages of the module are

* full utilization of XenApi (no services required to be running in XenServer)
* More Stability (The stability of the module is derivative from the stability of XenApi itself)
* More Security (no services installed in the server side)
* Bandwidth Billing (bill your users for extra BW they use)
* Bandwidth Usage Graphs (MRTG) and Total Bandwidth summery

The module supports the following operations

* Provision (install) new VPS (CentOs,Debian and ubuntu)(Fedora and Redhat should be supported but not tested)
* Terminate VPS
* Suspend VPS
* Boot, Restart and Shutdown Vm
* Detect Vm power state (running or shutdown)
* Show how long vm has been running
* Command history

Any user Can try the product for 1 month free of charge using the following code

order link :

for more information and screenshots go to

and if you have any questions or concerns contact me directly at
support AT servarica.com