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    Looking for a Dedicated Provider

    We're running a community (forum) site with about 10'000 members.

    Hardware wise, we're looking for a server with at least 8gb of ram, CPU speed is not that important. Traffic-wise we get by with 5-10TB.

    Unfortunately, for a community of this size, at times, we get hit by DDoS attacks, the last one was ~1.5tb in an hour.

    Server Location would be preferred in Europe.

    Our budget is at / around 300$ per Month.

    Our current host simply nullroutes the IP without warning, in case we get attacked - hence we're looking for a new place to stay. We're looking for a host that tries to work things out with us instead of simply nullrouting, or at least sends us a warning. Or one that can block the attack and keep our site up.

    Those attacks happen quite infrequently, but are still an annoyance when they do happen.

    Anyone having any experience in this field, or could point us in the right direction?

    thanks in advance

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    In all honesty, nullrouting is the best and quickest solution to stop a DDOS attack, so your current provider does a good job.

    You can find a host with DDOS protection but keep in mind the 300 usd budget won't cover that.
    I understand the attacks can be very annoying, but unless you buy decent DDOS protection, any provider will just nullroute the attack. - Online in no time
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    Hi..... well the datacenter has to protect itself because the bombs that they are throwing at you are probably affecting their routers and network. So nulling is a policy almost everyone employs and it is the right thing to do.

    Unless you have a DEDICATED (and I do mean dedicated line) to the internet all your own. So with that in find, are you paying for your own direct line to the internet? That would factor into our replies. ELSE, every data center would have to take the same action. - WEBster Computing Services
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