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    Exclamation Dedicated Server Performance?

    I have 2 dedicated servers and i was wondering if anyone hear who's knowledgeable about web servers can tell me the approximate number of concurrent connections my servers can handle before they crash.

    Server #1:

    Windows 2003 Server Standard R2
    2x Intel Dual Core Xeon 3Ghz (Hyperthreading enabled so theres 8 virtual cores)
    4GB Ram
    10,000 RPM Raptor Hard Drive
    100Mb Connection (12MB Upload)

    Server #2:

    CentOS 64 Bit
    1x Intel Dual Core E5300 2.6GHz
    4GB Ram
    7200 RPM Hard Drive
    100Mb Connection (12MB Upload)

    I know i can ask my datacenter to benchmark the servers, but i was hoping to save some money by asking the experts here without actually benchmarking the servers.

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    Dual core looks better for me. So chose it if you are ok with the price and budget.

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    I dont mean to compare which of the servers are better cause its obvious. I mean how many concurrent connections could *each* of these servers handle before they crash/become unresponsive.

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    That's going to depend almost entirely on what each connection is doing with the system. I mean if you're hosting 100 heavy joomla sites you'll be looking at a lot less connections to max out system resources than say 1 static site. Assuming web hosting is even the purpose. It's fairly impossible to calculate if you ask me, but maybe there's a typical rule that I'm unaware of.
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    Server #1 is currently used as a production server to host a vbulletin powered forum, it also happens to be a colocated server so i own the thing.

    Server #2 is a rented server that i dont own, and its used as a game server computer, but im putting up another website and have to have several web servers and im looking at using the same type of server to initially host the web servers.

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    P.S. The new website will have between 10 to 30 SQL queries per page.

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