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    why didn't you request via e-mail? when ordering the server needed you answered but when there was question about invoice you stopped to answer. Set one odd and took card payment

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    I assume you wanted to ask that question via PM?
    That could be their representative is not here and that might be a lot of time once your thread will be noticed
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    It is usual that we require 2-3 months prepay for foreign customers at dedicated servers (especially from eastern europe and asia) - We dont think this is unreasonable or wrong.
    We actually delivered the Server to you BEFORE you paid.

    The offer we sent you was for the 10 Servers you requested (55EUR / server), not a new price for your actual server.

    I fail to see what we should have done wrong here.

    William, EDIS
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    The Invoice you got now is the first month, and the next month (as we always book on the beginning of the term, so we did that to get into this cycle.).
    That is why you got the first invoice for 2 months - every following invoice will be for a single month.

    We even did not require prepayment from you for this server, so i say we did nothing wrong.

    Sorry for double post, Edit limit.

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