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    I just wanted to thank syed from for the design and coding he did on a new template we needed. Well, I did thank him but I wanted to thank him in this forum as well since this is where I found him.

    The design was clean, professional and laid out very well. Sadly, I have a design site, I am also a designer and coder. The problem was that I wanted something different. Something I didn't think of and something our team didn't think of. I saw a few designs that syed posted in the forums here but they sold before I could catch him. So we decided to just have him do a custom design instead of something he already had ready. From the time I ordered the custom template to the time I got the psd and fully coded site for wordpress and whmcs integrated took less than 2 weeks. Not bad for a custom design fully coded with a few alterations along the way.

    I mostly wanted to make this post for anyone looking for a web hosting template. Search on this site and check out their other templates they have done. They are worth talking to if your looking for a high quality design at a fair price.

    Sorry, I am not posting a link to my template or site until we finish getting everything together for it. I will update this when it is finished.

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    Hmmm I think Syed had done a great job for you as you are saying i love to see your site who knows mey be ill become Syed next Clint ...

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    Thanks for your appreciation. It was a pleasure working with you.
    Many thanks for your feedback.

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    I will be waiting for you to share ur design link.

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