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Thread: Resell VPS

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    Resell VPS

    Hi all

    One quick question.

    I have 4 ips in my vps. Its possible to run a resells VPS to my friend with the remaining ips , for example OpenVZ for the all 3 ips??

    We need to be in the same node because of the apps that we use. but this app use the same port :/

    vps 1 - ip1 - port 65000
    vps 2 - ip2 - port 65000

    etc etc

    Kinda resell the main vps?

    Using Linux-KVM or XEN PV ??

    sorry if this is a stupid question.

    EDIT: or if you know any kind of service like this. IN EUROPE

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    while you may have enough IPs how much ram do you have? A lot of vps have less then a gig of ram which would make it hard to split 4 ways

    You would probably be better off selling resellers off the vps
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    Yes, it's very simple to do, you'll just need to install the OpenVZ kernel and configure 2 containers using vzctl. Take a look at the OpenVZ wiki:

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    i have 2GB the apps that we run are ver light.

    i will check that links

    after i try it i will tell you how it works

    EDIT: btw XEN PV or KVM to do this ? or other way lighter
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    KVM/Xen HVM can run openvz inside of the VM as they are full hardware virtualization.

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