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    Arrow Whitch layout is better?

    Hi everyone. I have prapared a new layout for my site from a ready template I bought. Should I replace current one with this or not? What do you think?

    Current layout:
    New one:

    Current layout seems to be a bit slow to load and this can effect sales maybe.

    Any hint is appreciated!
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    I honestly don't see any difference,but I would probably choose the current page,though I would say that you can totally add some stuff there such as the color.

    Anyways,loading time would really affect the sales. So you have to take a look on that!

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    I like the navigation on the first one more... stands out better.
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    Hi mate,
    I prefer first second one.Footer looks very nice
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    the second one is better

    The second version seems to be better, nice and clear design, ease navigation

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