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    Lightbulb WHMCS module for OpenVPN

    Hi all,

    We want to provide VPN services where users can connect to our vpn servers and surf the internet anonymously.

    What we have:
    Dedicated servers and VPS (OpenVZ)
    Server OS - Linux (Ubuntu)

    What we need:
    WHMCS module which can create, update, suspend/delete users and edit vpn accounts (passwords) from WHMCS. 100% Automated.
    Example: if user has payed for 30 days then bill get sent automatic to user, if he doesn't pay - user get suspended.

    We would like users to get a notification e-mail with the login information when new users sign up.
    Also there must be an option to give the user a dedicated IP or a shared one and we would like to be able to monitor bandwidth usage for each user. Plus there must be an option to create free trial accounts (for 10 minutes for example).

    Need this to work for OpenVPN (would be great if for PPTP too, but first of all for OpenVPN)
    This system has to support many servers.

    We may also need some help from you installing this on our servers.
    And of course, you will be paid


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    How much is your budget for the job?

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