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    Managedphp (down and problems)

    Managedphp is ex-radixhosting, and my site is down for 5 days, first their site was down for 2 days, but i see now is their site is work but my site is till down. But problems is that they dont answer on my mail where is problem and why my site dont work last 5 days, i am paying them for VPS servet every month 28$ and now i must wait almost week to they answer on my mail.

    If somebody have also problems with them please write here, because i dont know what to do to contact them.

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    try this buddy

    that link will show detail of
    u can try send ticket or call them

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    Managedphp site is back before 9-10 days, but my site sistill down.

    They wasnt answer on my mails almost 7 days, i was also write on their facebook and twitter site, but nobody answer.

    Please if somebody can help to contact them becaue i dont know what to do more. If somebody from Managedphp reading this, please answer on my f..k mail that i wait few days. They know take every month 25 euro but they cant answer on simple mail why my site is down.

    Also if somebody use Managedphp to help me to contact them.

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    They are down again

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    Neky, are you still with managedPHP or did you move servers?

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    My friend i was move my forum to other hosting and everbody who have site on Managedphp move quick you can, you will have only problems with this **** hosting.

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