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    * I'm glad to join at WHT

    Hi there,

    Today I have joined at WHT, to learn, to share and to enrich my knowledge with all hosting Gurus on here ...

    I want to know about WHT term and conditions. For example when I can add signature, what are the things that is not allowed etc. Like other forums I believe here in WHT there is a certain restrictions for new members to add link with posts, setup signature etc. ? I hope some moderator will reply me and help me to use the forum in correct way... Thanks!

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    Welcome to WHT, hope you enjoy your stay.

    Just click up top where it says rules and all those questions will be answered

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    * I'm ignored at WHT - only 1 day member

    WHT moderator does not seem to be helpful. I have made one mistake and open ticket regarding this that I was not aware about this "WMR-829103" .. this is my ticket ID. Now thinking Im totally ignored.

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