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    I pretty much knew this anyway but there are MANY PEOPLE who dont believe they can make fake news clips,etc.... and its scary! (Not believing they do it gives them MORE POWER to do just that!!)

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    There are still a huge number of people who believe everything they see on the internet is true, and still a large number who believe everything on TV is true.

    My aunt's grandkids thought everything they seen on TV was true until I told and shown them otherwise by making myself a ghost on live tv. Some stuff on TV is true, while some stuff is not and I've told them if they want to see the "big picture" to research stuff themselves. Too bad adults are harder to teach.

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    The creator of that video is ridiculous. Yes, TV shows and movies are fake. Wow, what a surprise. (Not.) What he does not understand is the massive amount of people it takes to create those kinds of productions. The idea that wars/news/etc is all faked buys into the asinine idea that thousands of people can all keep a secret. Get real.


    Great peek into Hollywood green screen / blue screen work, however.
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    Yes, Most of the people believe what they see in the Internet and TV, and It's not their fault as they don't know the reality.

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    No your right,they are not "AWAKE" and sadly if you try and waken them,THEY CALL YOU NAMES,ETC........ (They cant break the programming that was forced on them)

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    Never seen so many examples of the blue / green screen. Perhaps this is why actors hate their jobs after a while. Blue and Green screens day after day, well it get's old.

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    Just enjoy it. We live in digitized world. People have different ways on processing the truths/facts. Most of movie/tv series are not real anyway.

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    Least watch the higher res versions:
    compilations > virtual backlot reels.

    They're a very spiffy company
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    What if everything you know today was just something they told you. You grew up believing into something that isn't real or just a fake to cover up something else. T.V designed only too flood your mind. A massive world-wide controlling type thing from people we don't know and see. Yet we get Alien, and weirder creatures like such which pop up.

    Eye witnesses, recordings, voice & sound, Documents, even things from our ancestors. I wouldn't push anything supernatural, video feed falseness, and all other likewise stuff to the side or even begin to speak about something unless you are willing to take it into a vast number of debts and questionable thereon which have already been explained and answered. Most of which was more lies and cover ups.

    Me however. The none sense of even thinking that a video. Should even be viewed or cared about when one single man does it. Yet when the government produces a mass multitude scale of false facts towards the media its okay and over looked. ~shrugs~ Just was wondering is all
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    yes i agree with all of you but don't you people think that in the name of reality they are making people fool just to make some money. If they have guts then why don't they really make some real things

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