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    * BEWARE - GerVPS

    Hey Guys.
    I have been using VPS's for a while and I thought I would try out / Breathost

    Lets just say, they were alright for the first week, performed well actually, Fast node, fast 60 ms ping from Ireland but then trouble.

    Their VPS node just shut off randomly, The VPS panel went down and all I got from support is the node will be back on shortly.

    I got a refund for the service with paypal as the owner supposedly did partner with a part criminal, Well I ain't going to post blame on anyone. But for one I ain't trusting them with my money again.

    FOR VPS's I prefer

    Its pretty awesome, prices are cheap and fast and I have been using them for over a year now. If you want a VPS try x10, trust me you will be happy!

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    Some new guy is answering my tickets. He said the node was offline and they are working on it.

    He then said "I can access your panel and server, its online". I still can't access it.

    I gave him a link to an external service called "Just Ping" and said even their servers can ping my VPS.

    I got no reply after that.

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    No e-mail was sent out about the node being worked on?

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    They were good when I found them (Breahost) but now something is going on. I'm moving my data because I can't risk anything right now.

    And no. No email was sent that the node was being worked on. Also, about a month ago, they did a kernel update and shutdown everyone without any notice.

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    That's right, don't trust them. I can't anymore.

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