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    * DNS help

    Hi i have the domian with, and a few addresses.

    i found out if i leave it default to there name servers an just cname to my address it will work.

    i have successfuly setup with a cname pointing to, working fine. using apache vertual hosts.

    here is the setup page from for my DNS;

    what i want to know is if i can point to a dynamic address without web forwording.

    i dont want to use WWW as a cname as then only would work not

    thanks lee

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    So if I understand you right you want to create the record:
    @ IN CNAME
    I'm fairly sure that's not allowed, although from the looks of these Google results it may be in future.

    For now I'd suggest you use the www CNAME and point your main domain at any shared hosting account (low cost or free, potentially) where you just redirect to www.

    Edit: This result from the Google search is interesting if you're feeling brave!
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