I'm selling a custom script, comes with a layout which can be edited to a new layout or change colours or whatever you like really, it's coded within CodeIgniter which is a PHP framework and can be edited to your taste, this script has frontend and backend. The frontend of the script allows a user to choose a 'mood', after selecting a 'mood' then the user will click on search then the user will be redirected to a website which suits that that 'mood.

Whilst in the backend, there are three sections which are: 'URL Links', 'Moods' and 'Adverts', you can add/edit/remove mood category so it appears in the frontend, you can create several URL links to link to that mood, you can have hundreds of links to one mood, and the cool thing is that the database refreshes to give the user on the frontend one of then 'x' links associated with the URL links in that mood category, and finally the rotating advertising manager, which shows the image, URL link and clicks.

I'm accepting PayPal only, prefer to recieve payment first then will email you with an attachment of the zip file. In the .zip file, there is also a installation readme file which gives a step-by-step guide on how to install. I have a set price which is 20.00 (GBP) which is equivalent $32.00 (USD)

Image of Frontend
Image of Login Area (Backend)
Image of URL Links (Backend)
Image of Moods (Backend)
Image of Adverts (Backend)


PS: I'm selling this only to five people
PSS: Live Demo: http://www.scripts.30dns.net/moodsystem/