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    Question Move mail folder to other partition


    I am the latest Centos distro and the latest cPanel version.

    As you know all users have their stuff in the /home folder.

    Now, I have /home/user/mail. The "mail" folder contains all the e-mail accounts listed under that user account.

    However, I want to change the location of this to another partition, let's say /usr or /var for example.

    Would a symlink work with this ?

    I am in great need of disk space and the /home partition only has 50gb as /usr has 200gb.

    Thank you very much.

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    You can but you have to be careful when it comes to disaster and recovery because when you backup, you mostly will be backing up the symbolic link rather than the content.

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    Given that I will be backing up the new location of the mail. Won't that work ?
    LE: oh, and, as a good practice I'd have to stop the mail service, right ?

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