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    Website hosting problems, please help!

    Hi dear friends!

    I have a website with Alexa Traffic Rank of ~21000, ~300 in Iran that is currently hosted by Subhosting on VPS-3 Linux Plan. It is evident that their service is inexpensive in compare of reliable companies:

    HDD 150GB RAM 2048MB CPU 3 x 2.0+ GHz Cores BW 2000GB 2 IPs FULLY MANAGED By $49.95 per month
    But now we are on overload in many cases. We have a lot of Internal Server Error (500) and errors about memory on Cpanel and PHPmyadmin. Sometimes the website is completely inaccessible and we can not even access to WHM.

    They says: "Analyzing resource usage history of your VPS, we can see that VPS has run out of memory and processes many times last few days. This is the reason for Internal Server Error. We would recommend you to upgrade VPS to next higher plan, VPS-4, to avail more memory and processes."

    We started by VPS-1 of this company and they offered us to upgrade step by step. you see now they say upgrade again. However i think our VPS specification seems good for our website.

    What do you think? Are they cheating?! Is there anyway to know what is really specification of our VPS?

    Do you know a good and trustworthy company to be our host by this price range?

    thanks in advance

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    Since it's fully managed ask them to try a better optimization. If they say that they have done everything possible, then come here reporting some data about your traffic, so we can have a better idea.

    It's possible that you need an upgrade or even a dedicated server. In any case better optimization always helps. So you have some options here:
    1. Try a better optimization. This can be done by you, your host or a hired admin.
    2. Try to use a software that could help you. Something like Varnish. There is a plugin for cpanel.
    3. Change your setup. Since you're not a host and just use the vps for your site, you could drop cpanel and the rest that comes with it and try a lighter setup. This way you'll free up some memory and drop the number of your proceses. ( attention this could be not acceptable by your host. Maybe they provide fully managed vps only if they have cpanel on it )

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