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    Need experts opinion about my hosting and google report's difference


    First of all I like to clarify that this is "not" complaint against my host (

    First I used to host my sites ( & on Namecheap Hosting and my sites were with them for many months. I just changed hosting because my sites started loading slower and I was seeing my sites down many times a week.

    Now I am using hosting from (from 13 March 2011). Now my sites are opening fast and everything is OK but when I check google webmaster tool's performance report about my site it is showing that my sites loading speed is just getting slow and slow everyday.

    See this chart for

    Here is chart for

    You can see clearly on both charts that in previous months the performance was kind of stable but as I changed hosting it is not that stable.

    I contacted my host and they figured out that I had some third party scripts (specially facebook LIKE box) that were taking long time to load. I have removed that from both sites but I am not sure if that was really the cause?

    What do you think could be the cause of this fluctuation in performance?
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    I looked at your sites and they didn't take a long time to load although some connections might take longer. I'm also "Not" a Wordpress expert but I understand that depending on the number of plugins you're running it can effect the performance of the site and amount of resources on the server you use.
    It could also be someone else's site on the server or if both of your sites are on the same server they may be competing with each other for resouces.

    Others here have more experience than I with Wordpress so I may be way off base. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    If you removed the script from the sites and the pages are now loading faster logic would say they were correct. Since the scripts have been removed and your loading issues have been resolved it is hard for us to comment on it.

    Also keep in mind you have a lot going on regarding your homepage. You are relying on the uptime and service of Google Ads, BuySellAds, WhosAmungUs, Tynt & Twitter.

    If these services are slow to respond it can slow your page load speeds. For example your Twitter widget just took 3.04s load time on I refreshed and then your entire page loaded in 1.3s for me. When you run all these plug-ins you aren't just using your shared server, you are at the mercy of outside servers. The script you disabled was probably having issues and causing your site to slow down.

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    Actually you are right, since I moved hosting to this new host I installed few third party scripts. I understand these kind of scripts can increase the loading time of site but my sites are not getting very high traffic that's why I thought it is not a big issue.

    I will remove some scripts and see if it makes any difference or not.

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