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Thread: vps ddos stop

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    vps ddos stop

    each day i after keep checking my site and wait for the idot to ddos it then i can ban is ip till next day and he comes back with a new ip each day and hes from the uk on virgin broadband

    i got csf and ddos installed but it not banning is ip itself i after do it all the time

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    Inform your vps provider, providing all the data you have collected and also contact virgin informing them about the actions of their "possible" client.

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    Proper configuration of CSF parameters will surely help to prevent DDOS. Please go through config server security firewall forums for knowing more about it.
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    OP, what does that guy have against you? Why is he too free doing that to you everyday?
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    Go through your CSF and DDOS configuration again. If it is still not working might be time to contact your ISP and others to at least report the abuse...

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