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    View sub-domains without changing nameservers?

    I know alot about the web and my employer has asked I take over our hosting and transferring of clients etc...

    My question is simple, we have an account with 21 sub domains all with different clients website files. How can I view the sub-domains before I change the nameservers?

    One client has a website but we have done their new website, it's ready and I have uploaded it but I can't view it until I change the nameservers over. I need to make sure it's all OK before I change the nameservers over and it goes live.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    Your host should be able to provide you with a temporary URL to view your website(s) without having to change the nameservers first. Have you contacted your host about this?
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    Thanks for your reply!

    Yes I have, they have said I need to purchase unique IP's for the clients that I wish to do this for.

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    Temporarily add the subdomain(s) to your own hosts file (and, importantly, remember to remove them again when you're done!). Many websites won't work as expected on a temporary url anyway.

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    How would I do that? Is it a simple job?

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    You will need to add those subdomain names as dedicated domain names to your web hosting account to get everything working without changing nameservers.

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    edit your hosts file in your computer to simulate the domain already pointing to the new server
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedito View Post
    edit your hosts file in your computer to simulate the domain already pointing to the new server
    I know how to edit my hosts file but what will I enter to allow a specific domain?
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    OK, I've read up a little but need some help!

    For example, I have a client whos website is

    They have a current website already under What will I edit my hosts file to allow the new domain to be viewed under this domain?

    So for example, I want to be able to view and develop the site under that domain before it goes live and I switch the nameservers over. This is my hosts file info:

    # --- /etc/distcc/hosts -----------------------
    # See the "Hosts Specification" section of
    # "man distcc" for the format of this file.
    # By default, just test that it works in loopback mode.

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    If your hosting server's IP address was and your subdomains were, you'd add this line to your hosts file:

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    The other option is to change your testing computer's DNS server to the nameserver of your new host You won't be able to do much other than looking at your own websites though

    Probably easier if you have lots of (sub)domains to test and maybe a spare pc
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    Both methods above will work.

    Editing the Hosts file is great if it is just for a couple of domains.

    However, if you'll be doing alot of domains, changing your own PC's nameservers to the ones used by your webhosting will give you the same effect.

    Also, remember to flush your DNS and close/re-open your browser after you are done. Or you can simply reboot to clear your DNS cache to ensure you're hitting the new server.
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