Hello WHTers! SecureDragon LLC is proud to announce a new contender in the backup arena: Backup Dragon!

Our goal is to make secure off-site backups affordable to everybody and we hope that we can meet your backup needs with our Pay Per Use billing model. Instead of paying for tons of space you don't need you only pay for what you use and that can be as cheap as $0.20/GB!

Got a few sites you need to back up? No problem! Don't pay for 20GB when you only need 12GB! Are you a web hosting company? Your plan grows as you grow so you can keep your costs down while still maintaining complete backups of your clients in a secure and stable environment.

All of our hardware is owned by us and we have an excellent relationship with our local data center (GoRACK) so you can rest assured that we are not a reseller and we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

We have been developing and testing our infrastructure since September of 2010 and we have chosen our path and have been very happy with the results so now we are ready to release our service to the public.

For a special limited time only we are offering you the opportunity to help us out while helping yourselves to extremely cheap off-site storage @ $0.20/GB! Get 10GB of for $2!

Tier 1
10-100GB @ $0.40/GB!
Order Now!

Tier 2
100-500GB @ $0.20/GB!

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10-500GB @ $0.20/GB!
Order Now!

Feel free to contact me directly, open a support ticket, or use our contact form if you have any questions or comments!