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    Exclamation FSCKVPS / VASERV / Cheap VPS - What is UP??

    So, I spread VPSs around with what I "do" in hosting, use many companies.
    I have a few with FSCKVPS, which is fairly commonly known to be owned by Vaserv / Cheap VPS / SVS ...whatever the name nowadays.

    So, all the VPSs I have with them except 1 are up / down literally hundreds of times over the last week. Log in to SolusVM...boom. No VPSs. Go to the old Vaserv support, now goes to Cheap VPS. There is an "old customers" login. Everything works guessed it..."submit ticket". White page of death.
    Finally, I got "whimsical" and created a "new" account in the portal with CheapVPS, and what do you I can see everything, all my support history. Still no SolusVM that works.

    Quesiton - I've bee with these guys through quite a lot, and from way back in the day before the major hack (I know the original owner left a long while ago...please refrain) it TOO much for a company to type up and email any more and give a heads up?

    Anyone other clients know what's up? I know I've heard squat. Apparently the Dallas DC is bombing, under DDoS or something, and let's get real...I shouldn't have to go through that kind of hell just to touch base with support for a company I've been with for years.

    Holy packet storms, Batman.
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    Do any of the emails on their contact page work?

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    I had a bad experience at fsck I would avoid. Just search the forums for examples

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    Yep, support@ went to the new Cheap VPS ticket system, but as "billing".
    I just figured that out and had to dump it and RE-submit to "Support".

    As stated, I've been with them for years, so, I know their history. But, long story short, it's been a very workable relationship, until now...this is just getting to be too much. And not even an email.

    I rely on the BW meter in SolusVM pretty heavily, and I have ssh access at best. VPSs themselves have been up for hundreds of days (uptime), but all the Dallas VPSs on different nodes are going haywire. I've gotten over 40 up/downs since submitting this thread (a few minutes ago)
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    I also had a bad experience at fsck, after the hack i switched to another, but I learnt a lot with that hack.

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    mugo can I have your ticket ID since I believe this was handled for you last night. There was a large DDOS at our Dallas location last night, which was successfully mitigated. Nevertheless no other issues should appear so should you continue experiencing any particular issues we would be more than interested into looking this for you.

    If you can pass me your ticket ID I'll be able to look more into this for you.

    Thank you.

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    mugo thanks for letting us know.

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