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    Go With Surmounted.NET For Web Hosting (Positive Review)

    Wanted to provide a review for Surmounted.NET. I am using them for two of my sites and really like them. I first heard about Surmounted.NET because the founder is an active member on my site, Web hosting is one of those things that you don't want to change after you already made a decision. For TBF, I was running Bluehost. It was a big company, and I figured it was good enough. And so far, it has been. But the prices for Surmounted.NET's basic package was 3 times lower than the basic package of Bluehost that I had to try it.

    From what I see now, Surmounted only offers shared cloud, which is still nothing Bluehost offers at their basic package.

    I still didn't move TBF to Surmounted because there's a lot of moving parts there and I don't want to risk anything, yet. But I did create other websites and wanted those separate. So I took a shot with Surmounted getting their basic package. It worked great.

    I'm not a server guy so I don't speak in terms of 99.999999999% uptime. All I freaking care about is that my sites are up and that is something I should never have to think about. Surmounted is one that I don't even know exist (and that's a compliment). Several times over the last 6 months, Bluehost went down and I had to call their customer service and ask what the heck happened. Granted, I spoke to a live person but the fact that it went down really bothered me. My sites have not been down with Surmounted.

    Surmounted likes to surprise their clients by upgrading their service without charging them. That's what I meant when I said Surmounted now only offers shared cloud. They used to have shared reseller that one of my sites was on. One day, I refreshed that site and saw a noticeable difference. Instantly, I knew they had upgraded the speeds. So I asked them and yes, they moved me to their basic service- which is shared cloud.

    After seeing that Surmounted was good, I took them up on another site. This one is a much bigger project as TBF is throwing a global entrepreneurship conference, Teen Business Summit (google it) done entirely online. So I knew that I needed a solid infrastructure and one that I did not have to worry about. I was also expecting possibly 10,000 uniques a day for the conference, because of the speakers we had. I mean, we got Guy Kawasaki to keynote. That's sure to bring down servers.

    I knew we needed a VPS solution definitely and I wanted the personal service. Surmounted made the perfect sense. Their customer service switch my contents and database onto the new VPS within 30 minutes. And I saw the noticeable difference in speed.

    The only thing I think they can improve on is their billing process. Having shared hosting doesn't*cost that much and it's something I like to pay one time. Surmounted sends me monthly invoices for $5. I would like them to package all that for a year and charge me $60. Better yet, they could offer a 10% discount if I paid for the year because they would have better cashflow.

    All in all, I'm very happy with them and would recommend them. I do that already on the TBF site where I tell newbies to get Surmounted as their web host. *

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    Thanks for the kind words Jack! Glad to see that you're happy with your services so far. Stick with us and you'll find we'll be adding more features to our services down the road. We've got some things planned for our future, that's for sure.

    In regards to the billing issue: Thanks for bringing this to my attention and showing interest in becoming a long term client. I'll see to it that the new payment options are available via your client area soon. It's pretty standard in the industry to knock off atleast 10-20%+ when paying 1YR+ upfront, so we'll be sure to take that into consideration when adding in the pricing for Quarterly, Bi-Annual, and Annual payments options.

    I enjoy what you do, and support teaching the youth about business 100%. When I was in High School I really wanted to start a bicycle company, then a clothing company, then a video editing/production business, etc. Wasn't until 4 years after High School that I had a started Surmounted.NET, even though my entrepreneurial interest sparked in my teenage years. Although at that age I had a really limited knowledge of the realities of operating a business. I just knew that if I made flyers and put them in peoples mailbox, they would pay me to mow their yard...

    Where was TBF when I was 16 and my head was full of ideas? I probably could of saved myself from push mowing yards in the midst of the heat and humidity we get here!

    EDIT: For what it's worth, i'll be 23 in a couple weeks. If anyone is concerned with my ability to effectively manage and develop a sustainable business then feel free to shoot me an email with your concerns. Our number one goal is developing a brand that is associated with quality services, and it appears we're on the right path so far
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    How long have you been with that host, jackzliu?

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    Just in case anyone is curious, we had an update to our main website scheduled for this morning. Nothing major, just transferring the site and client portal to a better equipped server offsite/off-network .

    Someone else on WHT pointed out to me that our site was 'down', but the fact is only PHP was unavailable while we rebuild Apache. We track our signature links via WHMCS's Link Tracking Utility, so as of right now THOSE links are not working.

    Just wanted to make it be known in-case anyone was reading this and tried to view our site from my previous response's signature. Our main site and client portal is hosted off of our production network, all production servers are up and running as usual.
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    I been with them for 6 months.

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