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    Unique Web Hosting Design

    YourHost - By Amodity

    Recently Amodity was approached to create a custom design for a web hosting company. After the design was complete and put into code, they were unable to comply with the agreed upon terms. Therefore, this is an awesome opportunity for a web host to acquire a unique design and completely transform their service.

    You will receive:
    • 6 Fully Coded Pages
    • Full & Organized PSD
    • Your Own Customizations by our Design Team!

    Information & Organization
    Homepage Screen Capture
    Full Website Demo
    Design PSD, 6 Fully Coded Pages and Customizations are available for a firm $300.00 dollars. This unique theme will only be sold once. I am available via PM, AIM, MSN and Skype if you would like to chat or have any questions at all.

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    Update: Price altered to OBO

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    Price lowered to $250 with WHMCS integration.

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    very good, is a very good template.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graphicsrq View Post
    very good, is a very good template.
    It is, that's why I just bought it

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    Good purchase, repurchase licensed? I mention this because I made ​​a recent purchase but for the price to pay I think that is not licensed for resale.

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    Don't know since I didn't ask

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    Hi Joshua, Can you confirm you had permission from our directors for the use of our "Brands" bar along the bottom of your design? (rapidspeeds [dot] com), It is bit for bit identical to that designed by our in house hired designer but with the color removed.

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    they are images available on the internet.

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