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    Talking - Please Appraise

    Hi Friends,

    Please appraise my domain

    Very SEO friendly and Brandable domain name.

    Great domain name for hosting firms looking to target Australian Market.


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    Appraisal	           $380
    Freq.                 208,000	
    Searches              44
    Traffic	              0
    Comp.               medium
    CPC                   $4.05
    Net Taken

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    Solid domain name you have there. I would rate it a little higher at $550.
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    Not a bad name, but not amazing.
    $500 or so is probably not a bad estimate.

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    Thanks all of you for the valuable inputs.


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    Pretty good name for anyone targeting Australian market.
    Mid $xxx to low $x,xxx

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    It is a pretty long url "over 10 characters" id say $100 tops.

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    Very nice hosting related domain. I would appraise it at high $xxx range.

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