This week we are launching a section dedicated to the Virtual world. Due to the success and amazing usability of virtualized systems we have decided to dedicate a whole section to VM nodes. Due to a certain complexity in deploying XEN and other nodes we have decided to offer for free the setup and installion of various VPS control panels and have also added a Micro Node which starts as low as $79.90 per month for those who simply want to build their own datacenter structure and test out different systems such as deploying a seperate mysql server and a seperate web server. Or for those who want to try load balancing or for those who just want to get started with hosting and don't want to invest in large size nodes. As you can see the list is long and the potential uses are many.


We offer VPS nodes at exceptional prices and will install and customise them and deliver them ready to go. At present we offer the option of installing SolusVM and HyperVM nodes as PV / HVM and OpenVZ. You can configure the base server from the menu below and have it setup with a single drive and up to a RAID 1 with 2 or 3 drives or a RAID 10 system with 4 or 5 drives. The options in this category are specially tailored for VPS nodes and come with a high BW allowance and large number of IP's out of the box. VMWare esxi and Citrix XEN Server are also available.

Micro Node ( Celeron or Dual Core ) + 4GB RAM

$79.90 USD Monthly + $19.90 USD Setup Fee

Mini Node ( Dual Core ) + 8GB RAM

$99.90 USD Monthly + $19.90 USD Setup Fee

Medium Node ( Quad Core ) + 8GB RAM

$129.90 USD Monthly + $19.90 USD Setup Fee

Max Node ( Quad Core ) + 12GB RAM

$159.90 USD Monthly + $19.90 USD Setup Fee

Mega Node ( Hexa Core/ Octo Core ) + 16GB RAM

$189.90 USD Monthly + $19.90 USD Setup Fee

Monster Node ( Dual Quad CPU ) + 24GB RAM

$219.90 USD Monthly + $19.90 USD Setup Fee

Configurable Options


3 TB monthly
10 TB monthly +$60.00 USD

Hard Drives:

1 TB SATA +$10.00 USD
2x500 GB SATA +$10.00 USD
1x500GB + 1 TB SATA +$15.00 USD
2x1 TB SATA +$25.00 USD
4x500GB SATA +$25.00 USD
1x500GB + 2x1TB SATA +$35.00 USD
2x2 TB SATA +$45.00 USD +$50.00 USD Setup Fee
4x1 TB SATA +$45.00 USD +$50.00 USD Setup Fee
1x500GB + 2x2TB SATA +$55.00 USD +$100.00 USD Setup Fee
4x2TB SATA +$55.00 USD +$100.00 USD Setup Fee

Operating system & Control Panel:

Custom options. Please specify in the custom instructions area at the end of the form.
Centos 5.x 64-bit + HyperVM OpenVZ
Centos 5.x 64-bit + HyperVM XEN Para-virtual
Citrix Xen Server
VMWare esxi
Centos 5.x 64-bit + SolusVM OpenVZ ( Master+Unlimited Slave ) +$10.00 USD
Centos 5.x 64-bit + SolusVM XEN Para-virtual ( Master+Unlimited Slave ) +$12.50 USD
Centos 5.x 64-bit + SolusVM XEN HVM & Para-virtual ( Master+Unlimited Slave ) +$12.50 USD +$20.00 USD Setup Fee


10 IP
15 IP +$5.00 USD
20 IP +$10.00 USD
30 IP +$20.00 USD
40 IP +$30.00 USD
50 IP +$40.00 USD


RAID 1 ( requires at least 2 identical HD's )
RAID 10 ( requires at least 4 identical HD's )

Data Center:

East Coast Scranton PA
Central USA MN
West Coast Seattle WA
West Coast Los Angeles CA

To purchase and configure our services please visit the following link.


Also feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any pre-sales questions you might have.

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