We are currently selling one of our "VPS" domain's that we purchased this year for one of our project's that we were going to open, but with us buying out another vps company, and doing the project with that one we discountined the whole idea with this domain.

At this time we are currently just looking for offers for the domain, and seeing what's done it was a started company, that's still running but we currently are only interested in selling the domain unless someone makes a good enough offer.

If you are interested please contact me at [email protected].

About the domain:

It's great for hosting, it was a started company that gained 8 OpenVZ un-managed clients, and would be great to offer VPS's/Managed VPS's on.

It has the word "VPS" in it, it's also a '.net' domain. If you are interested in finding out more information/details, and also making offer for the whole thing or just taking over the domain please like i said shoot us a e-mail or contact us via pm.

If you do contact us we want to make sure this does not go public (the name and such) as we are currently accepting offers and details will be explained privately.

thank you.