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    When to move from vps to dedicated?

    What kind of traffic would you personally move from a vps to a dedicated?
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    You move when you can tell your VPS is struggling and the pain to move to a dedicated server is worth the additional cost (cause upgrading your VPS to a high point starts costing the same as a dedi and a dedi will have faster disk access in general)

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    If your website is a static site, having not much load on the VPS and etc, there's no point in moving even if the traffic is extremely high. Traffic is not really something you should be worrying about. The only thing you should be worrying about is the resources.

    When the VPS starts to fail, that's when you are suppose to move to a Dedicated Server. Usually it only happens to people who uses a database or needs to have computation (which eats up CPU). Other than that, it should be perfectly OK with a VPS.
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    When you can afford a dedicated with all the features you're wanting on the VPS, is a decent time to go dedicated. If your speeds are good on your VPS, then I would leave well enough alone, but most people who have the money would rather have a dedicated server, so if your site is making enough to support a dedicated with everything you need (software licenses, raid, backups, etc), then it wouldn't be a bad move to go to dedicated.

    I would just be weary that a lot of people compare high end VPS plans with stripped down dedicated servers, so don't fall into that trap. A pentium 4 server with a 5 year old hard drive, no backups, no raid, etc, is not usually an upgrade from a high end vps plan, which should have raid disks, a powerful processor that you have a reasonable share of, and potentially other features like backups, management, etc, that don't come in a bargain basement server.
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    I would say it depends on the quality of your VPS as well. If you're running on a budget VPS you're probably going to be desiring an upgrade long before someone with a similar load would be on a system that isn't being oversold. Just keep a close eye on system performance and usage of the allotted resources. If you're generating income from what you do, I'd say make moving to a dedicated a primary goal and charge accordingly. It isn't necessarily a difficult goal to meet, and sometimes it's better to make a move before you run into trouble rather than after.
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    The resources being used by your VPS are the main thing you should be focused on. Most hosts out there can provide you with MRTG graphs to view your CPU and RAM. Once you are using those a bunch and you notice a slow down of any kind with your sites, you definately might need an upgrade to your VPS and when your business plan/customer base allow you the budget to move to a full dedicated machine, I would make the move. Like the post above mentioned just make sure you are getting more with your new dedicated then your higher up VPS.

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    I think that the situation you will be in will tell you when you need to move.
    In any case I think that could be movement from VPS to VPS. Not to dedicated server.
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