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    What is IMGCrave?
    IMGCrave is an image sharing service that allows you to easily upload, link and share your images on FaceBook, Twitter, blogs and message boards.
    IMGCrave has been online for about a year. We are hosting well over 10,000 images and maintain vigilant uptime. When designing the site, we new we wanted something very sleek and navigable. Something that would entice the user, but at the same time, not draw away from the service at hand.

    As of now there is a fully functional Chrome Addon. Later this evening we will release the updated FireFox Addon as well as a Screensnapr like Desktop Applet.

    Recently, we released a blog to accompany the image host. It is based on Digital Trends & Viral Media + any important IMGCrave announcements and updates. All and all, we like it.

    Very interested in hearing what the respectable webmasters here at WebHostingTalk have to say. Please, any and all comments, we love constructive criticism and welcome any ideas for improvement.

    Thank you, I eagerly await all responses. Later this evening, if all goes well, I will update you on the release of our desktop applet.

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    I like it alot Joshua;

    Good work man.
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    We have just released IMGCap, the IMGCrave Desktop applet.

    IMGCap is a free desktop applet that functions with IMGCrave. The applet will allow you to press a hot key you designate, capture your screen (or portions there of) and paste the image around the web. It is as easy as "Control +F1" then "Control +V." IMGCap will also allow you to have the applet start on system startup as well as play a sound indicating that the image you captured has been uploaded. Venture down to the IMGCrave icon near your clock, right click, and you'' be able to see your history. Allowing you to go back to images you recently uploaded.

    • Definable Hotkey
    • URL to Clipboard
    • Recent History
    • Start on System Startup
    • Sound on Upload Completion

    Free Download:

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    great site

    website looks ery well. nice design and well organized content.

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    Thank you for the kind words ella1985.

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    Very pretty, well organized, clean, and the logo is great also.

    As a suggestion, I felt the main white box a little too empty, it could have more color or an image there, maybe.

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    Hmm.. Is this a derivative off of Chevereto?

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    Looks pretty good bud

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    Really Really Nice - did you code/design it yourself?

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    I love the site. Good tools too

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    yeah it's a derivative off of Chevereto. One thing to point out OP is that the guy who created Chevereto has a weird license on it, and he can say whether your allowed ever selling that script even though you modified it. Thats why I personally don't like Chevereto. If it was 100% open source it would be wonderful, but it's not.

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    I like the design but I have few questions

    1. What are those image thumbnails at the bottom? They are not linked to anything?

    2. We can upload only 1 image at a time, you should add more image uploading option.
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    site is dead now.. any news abt when will they online?? or dead for ever??

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    It is coming back online as

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    why imgcrave is shut down??? all img dead..... tried to pm u, no option here

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