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    Upgrade harddisk on Windows server

    Hey there,

    We are going to perform an upgrade to increase the harddisk of a dedicated server. However the OS is in the harddisk itself (RAID1). What is the easiest way to upgrade the harddisk? Can you transfer all files from old harddisk to new harddisk?

    Anyone could advise?
    Jackson Yap
    APC Hosting

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    Hello Jackson,

    If you're actually upgrading the HDD, then I'm sure you will be most probably upgrading both the HDD, right? You can't have 1 HDD running on 1TB and the other running on 500GB. Both must be the same. So that's done with your 1st problem (Raid 1 problem).

    Next up, easiest way to upgrade a HDD? Hmmm... Windows... Upgrade HDD... Simple, just either copy everything over (clone) or you could just backup the entire system and restore it on the new HDD. Just so you know, Windows does allow Hard Disk upgrades on the same system, make, mode and etc but they will not allow it to be done on a different machine. That's because if you did change systems or etc, they want more money from you.

    Yes you can just transfer all files from Old to New HDD again if the system is the same, there should not be a problem.

    That's 1 of the bad thing about Windows... Oh well... what to do?
    Aaron Ong
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    The main thing is the system you are using!
    Is the new one the same old?

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