FINALLY the day is here…

VPS.NET's first major product since the launch of cloud nodes is here. VPS.NET Cloud Hosting is now available for current clients via your control panel and for new clients via the order form.

What is cloud hosting you ask? Cloud Hosting is an optimized, high performance hosting platform based on the cloud. The underlying technology is what you're used too - cPanel, the web server is Litespeed, fully compatible with Apache, the operating system is CloudLinux with KSplice kernels for full rebottles security updates. It features the power of the cloud's autoscaling and full redundancy, and the simplicity of cPanel hosting - even simpler!

Cloud Hosting is now available for only $1, and we'll help you migrate your site to us for free starting on May 16th!
We urge you to contact sales once you've purchased a cloud hosting account. We will commence moves starting May 16th - but will not schedule these until you have an active cloud hosting account. That'll get you 5GB of RAID10 fully redundant disk space, and enough CPU and RAM for 25,000 monthly visitors. it's as simple as that.

We look forward to you helping pioneer the new cloud hosting product with us today. Remember, every bug submission qualifies you for one entry in our contest for free hosting for a year. Bug submissions should be done here only.

**$1 first month offer is valid for the first 30 days only - after that the package will renew at it's standard price of $20/month