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    4,552 Chicago Colocation + Free Servers = WIN!

    Hello WHTers!

    Steadfast Networks currently has a limited amount of servers that we are phasing out of our dedicated server offerings and thought this would be a perfect time to help out those of you looking to get into colocation. Sign-up for single server colocation for a one year term and you get one server to colocate for free. If you get a half cabinet we offer 8 free servers and with a full cabinet, 16 free servers. After your one year term, the server is yours to keep and do whatever you would like with!

    We have the following machines available in limited supply:

    Sempron 3000+
    Pentium D 930
    Pentium 4 631
    Pentium 4 531
    Pentium 4 3ghz
    Pentium 4 2.4
    Opteron 1212
    Dual Xeon 3.0
    Dual Xeon 2.8
    Dual Xeon 2.66
    Dual Opteron 270
    Celeron D 2.8
    Celeron 430
    Celeron 2.4

    Each server includes a 250gb SATA2 HDD and 2gb of RAM.
    Upgrades may be purchased separately.

    All we require for this server to be yours is a one year commitment for colocation services. Additional pricing and bandwidth arrangements can be made on multiple server purchases. Contact [email protected] with what you're interested in and we will put together a deal that meets your needs.

    Single Server Special #1
    1u Server Space*
    1A 120V Power
    10TB Bandwidth (100Mbit/s Port)

    Includes 1 Free Server
    Cabinet Special #1
    Half Cabinet 21U*
    1x20A 120v Circuit (16A useable)*
    100 Mbit/sec Dedicated Bandwidth (1Gbit Port)

    Includes 8 Servers

    Cabinet Special #2

    Full Cabinet (42U)*
    1x20A 120v Circuit (16A usable)*
    400 Mbit/sec Dedicated Bandwidth (1Gbit Port)

    Includes 16 Servers
    Cabinet Special #3
    Full Cabinet (42U)*
    2x20A 120v Circuit (16A usable) or 1x20A 208V Circuit(16A usable)
    400 Mbit/sec Dedicated Bandwidth (1Gbit Port)

    Includes 16 Free Servers
    Additional 1U Server Space: $10/month
    Additional 0.5A Power: $25/month
    Special Ends: May 31, 2011 or while supplies last.

    The Fine Print:
    1) This offer is only valid for new orders only. It cannot replace existing commitments.
    2) Colocation offer location is 725 S Wells Chicago, IL. only!
    3) Bandwidth overages may apply
    4) Additional Power may be required and billed accordingly.

    Why Steadfast Networks is the place to be:
    - Steadfast Networks operates out of our own state of the art data centers located in 2 of the biggest cities in the United States.
    - Chicago, Illinois (350 E Cermak Rd. Suite 240 and 725 S Wells St. 8th Floor) and in the heart of Manhattan, New York City (121 Varick St. 6th Floor).
    - The data centers offer complete redundancy in power, HVAC, network connectivity, and security.
    - The data center facilities sit atop multiple power grids, with full UPS battery backup power and a diesel generators onsite.
    - Our network is supplied by several separate networks including, Level(3), NTT, and nLayer.
    - Dozens more third party backbone providers are available in the building via cross connect, such as MCI, Global Crossing, Abovenet, Qwest, XO Communication, Sprint, Williams, and Cogent.
    The fiber provided to the data centers is also provided over redundant paths, with diverse entry points and building riser.
    - The data center facilities have been built to meet the high demands and reliability of telecommunications providers and Fortune 500 companies.
    We offer a 100% Network Uptime SLA and 2 Hour Hardware Replacement SLA. Terms and conditions apply.

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    Jacob Wall -

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    For those who are curious here is the power usage on each server on 120V power.

    0.9 Amps (Sempron 3000+)
    1 Amps (Pentium D 930)
    0.7 Amps (Pentium 4 631)
    1.17 Amps (Pentium 4 531)
    1 Amps (Pentium 4 3ghz)
    0.85 Amps (Pentium 4 2.4)
    1 Amps (Opteron 1212)
    1.4 Amps (Dual Xeon 3.0)
    1.3 Amps (Dual Xeon 2.8)
    1.1 Amps (Dual Xeon 2.66)
    1.6 Amps (270)
    0.98 Amps (Celeron D 2.8)
    0.8 Amps (Celeron 430)
    1.17 Amps (Celeron 2.4)
    Jacob Wall -

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