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    * FusionNET | May Promotions! | OpenVZ | cPanel VPS | Xen VPS | 10-25% OFF! |


    FusionNET is becoming a leader in VPS Hosting Solutions, FusionNET has been bringing Professional, Affordable and Quality VPS hosting solutions to users all around the globe.

    Here at FusionNET, we can provide everything larger companies do and more at a lower cost and more dedication to you as a client. We back all of our products & services with FusionSupport- 24/7 Ticket Helpdesk. We are there when you need us at any time that's good for you!

    All of our services listed on our website include Basic Management thats backed by our FusionSupport policy, that promises you 24/7/365 ticket support.
    There's always a Customer Service representative waiting to assist you.
    We have trained experts working around the clock to keep our promises of 100% network uptime, Managed Support, Blazing Fast Servers, & More..

    Pre-Sales Questions


    We are currently going to be offering our newest service's. We now offer XEN Powered VPS's located in United Kingdom (Manchester) & United States (Tampa, Florida). At this time we only offer our XEN products in them locations, after our promotion/launch for our XEN Servers provided below we will also be offering our OpenVZ Managed BaseVPS's & OpenVZ cPanel VPS's in these two locations also!!

    We currently have three promotions for our client's this month, and these are a very limited time only promotion!

    OpenVZ BaseVPS & cPanel VPS!

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    Need a more premium VPS? Dedicated Resources? Well here you go, You have been waiting for it and now you have got it! We are currently offering our Launch of our XEN Services to all new clients with two promotions to choose from! Hurry up and get one, these coupons expire in 10 days!

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    View XEN Plans:

    We include SolusVM control panel with each server. Each order is almost instant after payment, after our checks are done after you pay the invoice of the service you should get your welcome e-mail within 15 minutes after you pay!!

    Some News!

    With the launch of our two new data center facility's we are also working on updating our website with all the new information and keeping everything up to date and also having everything redesigned for the launch of our new services. June 1st, 2011 is our set-date for our new design to be published online and also a announcement made with all the new information, there's also a bunch more features coming along this month with it, along with our FusionVM control panel is also being released this month to current-clients only!!

    If you have any question's, or concerns please shoot us a ticket at [email protected].

    With all the updates, and new promotions, we have gotten much busier and I do not have that much time to stay up to date with Webhostingtalk, So any question's you might have please direct to our Customer Care area and we will be glad to help you!


    After this batch of XEN VPS's run out, We won't be rolling out a new batch until May 26th, 2011. The promotion codes provided above expire May 24th, 2011, so get them before they run out.

    ** All of our client's where notified of the promotion first, so hurry up and get whats left, if you see a service you want out of stock please open a ticket in the sales department and we will see what we can do for you. If we get cancels and such like that we do not update the stock number until our next batch release comes out! **

    FusionNET Is Social!

    We have just created our new Facebook page, and we are offering a special promotion for anyone that follows (Like) us on Facebook.

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    Note: For each person that is a client or becomes a client that likes us on Facebook we will provide them a $5 account credit (after you become a Fan on facebook - just post a comment on our wall about our services and our Facebook Guy will verify you are a client and credit your account!

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    You are also able to follow us on Twitter to get a 10% discount on your next invoice if you are a client, I do suggest you do one of them as it's updated daily with news, specials, promotions and events that we do.

    We started our VPS Auction site from our Twitter followers that we do once a month, another one is coming up in 7 days that where you can bid on a VPS and get it at a very low price that is locked for life!

    Twitter: @FusionNET
    FusionNET Solutions - US/UK Locations | Adult/IRC Allowed! | DDoS Protected Networks!
    Fusion Powered: Web Hosting - Virtual Servers - Dedicated Servers | Native IPv6 Available!
    202-505-HOST | LiteSpeed Support! | Live Web Chat!

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    We have added some more stock due to the high amount of orders we have gotten, and we added the stock back for the people who ordered with fraud orders that where placed on hold and also added a few to each count (XenVPS).

    All orders are online and provisioned, I hope you guy's enjoy your new service!
    FusionNET Solutions - US/UK Locations | Adult/IRC Allowed! | DDoS Protected Networks!
    Fusion Powered: Web Hosting - Virtual Servers - Dedicated Servers | Native IPv6 Available!
    202-505-HOST | LiteSpeed Support! | Live Web Chat!

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    Please stay away from this fake company. I have been trying so many VPS companies - even some brand new - here on WHT and the experience I have had with FusionNET is by far THE WORST

    I signed for them on 20th April 2011 for their BASICVPS:512 . I hosted a single website with them. When I began the VPS was extremely slow but I overlooked into it and continued with them only because of the PRICE factor.

    Meanwhile the next Invoice was due on 19th May 2011 which I paid promptly.

    However when I tried to open my website - I could not open it and I got a "Server Not Found" page.

    I continued to log into my VPS CP thinking the VPS must be shut down and I need to reboot/boot it.

    But to my HORROR when I logged in my SolusVM Panel - I saw a VPS HAS BEEN SUSPENDED MESSAGE.

    I immediately opened a ticket with them - WHICH HASN'T BEEN ANSWERED TILL NOW.

    And to add to my extremely bad experience - today I cannot log into my SolusVM Panel as well.



    Meanwhile for people who are having other thoughts - my website was a simple content driven website (100% original) and already ranking at #5 for its keyword in Google. No illegal, warez, torrent stuff whatsoever.

    Had to warn other WHT members.

    Now logging into Paypal to OPEN A DISPUTE. And also will be visiting all web hosting review websites and writing the same review all over.

    And to the OP - please first learn to handle your current customers before making statements - which are full of lies "FusionNET is becoming a leader in VPS Hosting Solutions, FusionNET has been bringing Professional, Affordable and Quality VPS hosting solutions to users all around the globe."

    OP (FN-Mark) dare to respond OPENLY IN THIS THREAD

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    Please provide your e-mail address or your name to match it up in your account I would like to find out more information about this, as we always make sure our services are running at top notch.

    If your service was suspended, each time a service is suspended there a e-mail and a ticket opened directly to you following the service being suspended.

    Please double check in your client area account under the My Emails tab to figure out if you just missed the e-mail; I will be happy to discuss this public if you would like or your able to open a ticket or e-mail me directly at [email protected]

    I would love to be able to help you, and we will honor our service and if you where having problems and a bad service I will provide you a 100% recurring discount for your next month, with the following month (2nd) 25% discount, then with the third and recurring months 15% off if it was a fault in our doing.

    Thank you.

    FusionNET Solutions
    OpenVZ & XEN VPS available in US & UK.
    IRC & Adult Allowed, RDNS Control, 24/7 Helpdesk, VPN Ready, Native IPv6 Ready!

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