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    cache may improve performance,no dis-advagtage ?


    cache the file on ram instead of read from hd every time,

    it may lower the hd io issue and improve the performance,

    but it may let forum replay/post can not update quickly,

    do you get this kind of issue,

    how to get the balance point and really enjoy cache's effect ?


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    i am not sure about what kind of cache you are talking here; but most caching instances (i.e. varnish) you can tell what to cache and what not to cache so you should not have much issues with caching as long you know how your software behaves and what to exclude but still have a gain by implementing a cache.

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    as usual,cache how long is reliable ? thanx

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    to set cache for forum,what point need to care ? because if cache time is longer,poster may not see their replay result after posting,if cache time is shorter,will the cache really make effect ? thanx

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