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    Want to buy for Resell Cloud Hosting

    We want to buy reseller cloud hosting. Our requirements are
    Disk Space: 50-100GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB-1TB
    cPanel, sub-domain, addondomain, mysql: Unlimited

    Best regards,
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    what you mean is seperate control panel, or all within your control?
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    Are you planning on reselling individual cloud servers or are you doing shared & reseller web site hosting off the cloud?

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    I know that Virtual Internet (UK-based) can set you up with a VMWare or OnApp platform which you can use to provision VPSs as you desire, building your own cloud. Any installing of cPanel, etc would need doing by yourself.

    EuroVPS (Netherlands) do straight-up reseller hosting which is just like any shared hosting from your perspective, but behind the scenes it's powered by a very robust cloud. This comes with cPanel.

    Then of course there's Rackspace Cloud Sites (US), but they have their own control panel rather than cPanel. It is a good panel, though.

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    If you're seeking to resell cPanel accounts on the Cloud, there are several providers who can do this.

    Just be sure to make sure that their server(s) are actually on a true cloud, and not just someone with the CloudLinux OS installed on a VPS somewhere (as some people do this and label it as 'Cloud'. It is not.)

    What is your monthly budget for something like this?
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    You could resell Shared & Reseller cPanel/WHM accounts off of a Cloud VPS Server.
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    By the way, you can get those reseller package that allows unlimited user. tht way, you can control what resources to give each user, hence, mimicking Cloud.
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    You could resell Shared & Reseller cPanel/WHM accounts off of a Cloud VPS Server.

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