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    Lightbulb Missing Files After Emergency Maintenance

    I received an email from my VPS provider two nights ago stating:

    "...After monitoring the parent node of your server, it has come to our attention that we will need to immediately take it down for emergency maintenance. Once the server is down we will need to force a filesystem to repair missing inodes..."

    This emergency maintenance took approximately 3 hours and 14 minutes.

    After it was completed, one of the accounts on my server, a WordPress website, was missing the majority of its files and displaying a fatal error message. The owner of the account did not make any edits to the website before the error occurred and the FTP log shows uploads but no deletions. I am trying to understand what caused the files to disappear. Can anyone tell me if this emergency maintenance was the cause? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Are you sure this certain wordpress site was in good condition before the maintenance? If yes, then it's obvious that they did something wrong trying to do the things right. From their message I understand that they lost some data. Some of the lost data was also related with your account and they did not manage to "restore" them. Contact them and ask if they can assist you further. Any backups?

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    I am currently in contact with them. They take nightly backups, but the the files are still missing in the restoration. I am not 100% sure that the website was in good condition before the maintenance. This is partly the reason I am trying to determine whether it makes sense that it was caused by it, as I cannot come up with another explanation. All that remains is the WordPress upload folder (images/logo etc.) and I think the WordPress database is still intact, at least it appears that way. I am thinking the website can be restored with these two pieces, but I have never restored a WordPress website from the database alone, so I am looking into it and waiting to hear back from support. Thank you for the response.

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    If you have the database intact and the customer can specify the used themes then it's easy to restore the site. Export the database. Create a new one. Do a clean install of wordpress and point it to the new database, upload the themes ( the client had installed ) and then import the old database to the new one. There are many guides online about it. This way you'll have a running site that will only need some small corrections to bring it back to the previous state.

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    Great, I wish you luck!

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