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    What does "msec" mean for CPU usage

    It's difficult to ask my VPS's tech crew due to language barrier so I thought I'd ask here. If you refer to the images (first is daily view and second is weekly view- the Japanese at the top means "resource information") what does "msec" exactly mean for "CPU". I assume "msec" means milliseconds (?) but how does that pertain to how much load the CPU has? In case it's useful I included the resource indicator (third image) of webmin as well.


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    I'd guess that it's the average amount of CPU time over a given sample period.

    To put it another way, if we assume that those graphs are built from data collected every 5 minutes, then during any 5 minute period during the past day your VPS used about 50 milliseconds of CPU time.

    CPU time is the amount of time your CPU is actually "busy" -- so on average it's busy for 50 msec during a 5-minute (300 sec) period.

    If you use 'top' at the command line you can get another view of CPU time -- cumulative CPU time.

    10167 mysql 20 0 37212 12m 5464 S 0 2.5 0:10.56 mysqld

    Note the TIME+ column. It shows that mysql has used a total of 10.56 seconds of CPU time since it was started.

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