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    analog ? awstats ? webalizer ?


    for your cpanel server,

    do you offer which one for your client?


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    Awstats and Webalizer tools
    (Awstats is my favorite one)
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    does which one waste more system resource ? im interested why cpanel default only support webalizer,and in my memory,someone told me certain one some some bug and avoid to use.thanx

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    We offer Awstats and Webalizer on our cPanel servers. They aren't enabled by default, but the client can enable them from within cPanel. - Web Hosting YOUR Way!
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    Most clients will look for awstats.

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    awstats may looks good, but the issue is that it's a resource killer. It eats RAM, and takes literally 100 times more time to run than Webalizer. The only issue is that its reports are better.

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    We provide all the three ! Analog, Awstats & webalizer. But I just loves Awstats.
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