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    IaaS (VPS or Cloud) for SaaS


    We are developing an ERP SaaS with POS (point of sale) activity as well, so it will have heavy DB usage at its peak.

    We've been back and forth on the right IaaS for this.

    We have considered for starters a basic VPS cluster with 2 load balanced fronts and 1 databse end and increase specs on those accordingly (and maybe more DB ends) or just go for a TRUE cloud provider (not sure about one flexible elastic instance or a clustered approach as well).

    The load will be low at the beginning, so we are considering to spend $200 - $250 /mo initially.

    I consider I/O wait and redundancy are the top concerns here. I would think (considering reviews around and opinions) I/O wait would be the con for cloud, but redundancy its pro and the other way around for VPS.

    I know in theory cloud would be the best choice, but it just seems it's not at its prime yet considering the general opinion.

    I would like your opinion on this.


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    Please, anyone ?

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    Maybe a private cloud is the way forward? The best of both worlds? Not really my area, but thought I'd launch the proceedings.

    I guess this really depends on geographic location as well.

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    We are developing an ERP SaaS with POS (point of sale) activity as well
    How are you planning to handle PCI DSS Compliance?

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    if ur using POS that is rather heavy my opinion is not to choose the cloud.It's best you discuss with ur cloud provider as different providers have variations in the technology they use. - Linux|Windows
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    I know of one that would do very excellent for you. They are PCI-Compliant and they are extremly good.
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    We don't need PCI compliance as it's a private development and for POS there will be no online transactions, just taking orders.

    I think we're going to settle at the beginning for load balanced VPS to take advantage of local storage speeds.

    Or your best suggestion...

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    Ok, SaaS POS that does not handle transactions - Could it be said to be more of a CRM solution?

    ERP would still seem to have compliance issues (HR, Finance, Risk Management, etc...) that may keep you away from simple shared systems.

    In designing anything that is going to have the scalability needs of SaaS and the database requirements of ERP I believe you are going to have to forgo local storage even from the start.

    Standard setup would seem to be two web servers (load balanced or fail over), two db servers (master, slave) and backup storage. Designing this to be scalable (adding web servers and db servers) will mean that the software will have to take network latency and i/o waits into account.

    If i/o wait and storage speed are a concern now, they will be a nightmare soon. You also need to take into account the ability to replicate and connect your system across multiple data centers.

    Though this has been done in the past with hardware (many times), it requires quite a large capital expenditure. Trying to fight it out using VPS technology may be fun but any growth could be stunted by the inability to scale quickly.

    I guess I would say that biting the cloud bullet may be the best move at this time, you will be there soon if your application works anyway.

    A $250 monthly budget may be a pipe dream, the hosting of entire businesses can be quite daunting regardless of how small they are. Down time will not be an acceptable option.

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