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    dns cluster or each server's own dns


    do you host all the dns on the dns cluster ?
    or each server have their own dns ?

    if each domain only put all the websites data/service on one server,
    i think it is non-necessary to host the domain on dns cluster,
    because if the web server fail,
    all the service can not show even if you host dns out out the server.

    and i ever find certain registrar's dns under ddos,
    and all the domain forward/sub domain/a address record setup on their dns are fail,
    all ns1/ns2/ns3/ns4 under attack,
    if all your client's domain host on it and can not work,
    i think it is big issue at all...

    but setup separate dns for each server,
    i will need to waste more ip i think,
    becuase at least you need two ip as dns for each server.

    for your experience,do you recommend which one way?


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    A possibility is having various servers outside of the cluster, but all linked through DNS.
    You could even hire a few cloud VPS to run DNS servers on.

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    yes,but the cluster dns under ddos,will the dns can not resolve well,it will be a big issue.thanx

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    do anyone can share your experience with me ? thanx

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    if there's any chance of DDoS, then use own NS's per every physical server.

    If you do not expect to have any DDoS attack, I recommend one dns-server not to create dns instances.
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    If DDOS is such a big issue you might address it first before thinking of DNS and clustering.

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